News For Ministers And Churches
*If you are called of God, you can be licensed and/or ordained

*Miracle Ministries International Fellowship is an intra-church association of ministers and

*We have ministers of many nationalities, races, denominations, and church organizations.

*Miracle Ministries International Fellowship grants license and ordination proof for legal purposes
for ministers who may need to be recognized.

*You are free to minister within the bounds of Bible Doctrine

*Over 200 ministers are licensed and/or ordained by Miracle Ministries International Fellowship

*You are authorized to establish missions and churches for religious worship

*You are authorized to preach the Gospel, to perform Holy Matrimony, Baptize converts, to
Confirm and to practice all other religious and Biblical activities in accordance with your respective
ordinances of residence.

*This association of ministers is authorized and charted to operate churches, missions, and schools.  
We have been officially recognized since 1988

*No church or religious order can render or give any greater authority in these United States as per
Constitutional Liberties.

*This Ministerial Fellowship meets the requirements of Local, State, and Federal Laws

Your Church Needs to be Chartered to receive the official benefits that are
necessary to operate as a church body!

We, Miracle Ministries International Fellowship, are an authorized organization, biblically and
registered as such by the government.  If your church is chartered by us, you will also be authorized
and recognized as such.

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