Bishop J D Drinnon is a 3rd generation Full Gospel Minister.  His Father and Grandfather, both
preceding him in the ministry.  Bishop Drinnon's Mother was also a great woman of faith an a
prophetess in her time.

Bishop Drinnon received his first angelic visitation at the age of four.  He publicly announced his call
to the healing ministry at the age of eleven.  At age twelve "Little Johnny Drinnon" preached his first
revival in Dayton, Ohio with over 300 reported miracles, salvations, and Holy Spirit Baptisms.  
Brother Drinnon became the associate pastor of his home church that same year.  Since then Bishop
Drinnon has ministers across the United States and in 8 foreign countries.  He has founded four
ongoing churches and is currently serving as the Pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Center in
Loudon, TN.  Bishop Drinnon is in great demand as a revival speaker.  He travels thousands of miles
each year preaching in churches, auditoriums, and under the Miracle Ministries Gospel Tent.
In the winter of 1988 Bishop Drinnon and five other prominent full gospel ministers met in Rittman,
Ohio under the direction of the Holy Spirit to establish an independent, inter-racial, full gospel
ministerial fellowship.  That year Miracle Ministries International Fellowship was born.  Bishop
Drinnon has served in various capacities on the executive level since the fellowships inception.  In
1990 Bishop Drinnon was elected to serve his first 2 year term as the Presiding Bishop of the
Fellowship.  During this time Miracle Ministries experienced dramatic growth.  However, in 1992
Bishop Drinnon decided not to seek a second term, but rather to focus his attentions on building the
church which he pastored at the time, Miracle Tabernacle, in Morristown, TN.  Then in 1996 Bishop
Drinnon once again accepted the nomination of the annual delegation and was elected to serve as the
General Overseer of Miracle Ministries International Fellowship.  In 1997 he moved into his new
church, Word of Faith Family Worship Center, in Loudon, TN just south of Knoxville.  It is there
that the annual Convocation - Convention is held.  In a rare turn of events in 2004,  the delegation
voted to suspend the rules and appoint, rather that elect, Bishop J Drinnon to his office without
tenure.  The delegation also granted the Presiding Bishop the authority to appoint his own Assistant
Bishop with the approval of the Executive Board.  
The future looks bright for Miracle Ministries International Fellowship.  This association and the
ministry of Bishop J Drinnon have just recently been feature in several national newspapers and
magazines.  Bishop Drinnon has also appeared on TBN's Praise the Lord, CBN's 700 Club, and
ABC's "That's Incredible".

From it's humble beginning in a diner in Rittman, Ohio, MMIF has become one of the nations most
unique and fastest growing independent ministerial associations.  Today thousands of people hear the
life changing gospel of Jesus Christ from the pulpits of our many churches, through the ministries of
our dedicated team of evangelist, via multiple mass media outreaches such as radio, television, printed
page and the internet.  And, the message is always the same......"God's Got a Miracle For You!"